Bemmu Sepponen

Contact info


For ~20 years I've made my living from random projects I put online. I launch many experiments, then continue if they seem promising. The current ones are a baby naming site and two games about finding cats.

Personal life

I'm from Finland, but have been living in Japan for 10+ years now. For exchange study to Tokyo initially, now in Tokushima with wife and son.

Mini résumé

Before I started this project-based life, I got a master's in computer science with a minor in Japanese, and worked at Tampere University and other places as a programmer.


I spend my free time practicing colemak, swimming (~2km / week), gaming, and reading. I was taking my Japanese study pretty seriously, but hit a plateau and haven't studied more since 2021.


This homepage used to be fancier, but that discouraged me from updating it. I figured that a plain but updated page is better than a nice-looking stale one.

My favorite video from 2020 was this cat getting scared by a fire alarm.