Bemmu Sepponen

Contact info


For ~20 years I've made my living from random projects I put online. I launch many experiments, then continue if they seem promising.

Current main project is a series of games about finding cats. The one before that is a baby naming site.

I used to run a subscription box called Candy Japan, but shut it down because of COVID postal restrictions.


List of my blog posts.

The top posts are about getting lasik, making a presentation with GPT-3, and cost of living in Japan.

Personal life

Finnish, but have been living in Japan for 10+ years. Came for exchange study initially, now settled in Tokushima with wife and son.

Mini résumé

Master's in computer science from Tampere University, with a minor in Japanese from ICU. Also worked several years at Tampere University and other places as a programmer.


I spend my free time with family, swimming (~3km / week), and reading.