Keep building, even if your ideas are bad

I live off of my random online projects, but I've been in a bit of a rut lately. No new ideas that would be amazing enough to really get super passionate about building.

But even without good ideas, it's still important to keep on building things, as you keep your skills up to date and get used to making things, instead of becoming passive.

So I've decided that even bad ideas are worth pursuing for these reasons. And I feel the process of building may aid in coming up with other ideas, especially anything related to what you're already making. And there must be some non-zero chance that what originally didn't seem like a great idea, turns out OK in the end.

So with this huge preamble, ta-da: I've built yet another site for sending faxes online.

Why on earth...

I know, I know. Do people even send faxes anymore? Seems they do, as there are 50,000 searches each month for "send fax online".

There are already a ton of sites for doing this, and they have been around for a long time. But I needed to send a fax, and I didn't like them.

I tried a few, but all of them had autorenewing monthly contracts where you had to make a phone call to be able to cancel them. I just needed to send one fax. Now there are also sites where you can send one fax at a time, but I additionally also wanted to receive any reply to said fax. But I didn't feel like I needed a number for a month. Just a week would do.

So I built 5 Dollar Fax, where for $5 you get a fax number for just a week at a time. It works on pre-paid basis, so it isn't necessary to do anything at all to cancel the number. So it's pretty much perfect if you just need a temporary fax number. However if you want to keep it for longer, your number can be extended indefinitely.

Thanks for reading

I don't expect this to be a success.

I just really needed to build something again. And it felt good.